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The advantages of brand new Tenet EC at Tampines St 62

Oct 25

The brand-new Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030. It will play the capacity of one of the hubs that could be used to transport (ITH Hub) residents of Tenet EC will benefit from the advantages of having internet connectivity as well as. Tenet is a perfect location for families who want to find the right equilibrium between family and work. 

The estimated breakeven price for the new condo will be in the $1,000 to $1,100 per square foot range. Tenet EC launch prices could vary from around $1,200 to around $1,300.

Tenet EC is a brand new condominium situated at Tampines St 62 within the condominium zone. It comprises two condos: Tampines as well as Trilliant and Citylife. The popular developer is always looking for ways to construct houses that are constructed efficiently and in line with the needs of those living in the area. 2013 was among the years in which Qingjian Realty led the industry due to its unique way of designing.

It was possible due to the introduction of the original CoSpaceTM Concept. Qingjian Realty is laying the foundations for a more long-lasting and sustainable growth in Singapore with the introduction of Visionaire. Visionaire Executive Home was created to be among the most luxurious of the class Executive houses. Visionaire's first concepts were revealed in 2013.

The newly constructed Tenet EC at Tampines St 62 is strategically situated within the condo belt beginning with two of the condos that are currently in Tampines namely The Trilliant and Citylife. People in Tenet EC will benefit from excellent connectivity as a result of the Cross Island Line's Tampines North station opening in 2030 and the forthcoming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH).

The position is near to the upcoming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH), which will offer an unmatched degree of convenience and connectivity throughout the island, and the Tampines North Station. At Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre, as well as the reputable Tampines Regional Centre, your business needs are catered to.

At respectable institutions in the area, like Poi Ching Elementary School, Gongshang Elementary School, and Elias Elementary School, your child's education is safeguarded.


Tampines North will undergo renovation, creating a more integrated environment where locals may live, work, learn, and play. Residents in Tampines North, the future Tampines North Hub, may look forward to a wide range of services and activities, such as the construction of a new mall, plaza square with a green arcade, and a bus interchange.

You might consider this location to be your home because of the gorgeous natural scenery and modern buildings that surround it.

There were 9 bids on the Tampines St. 62 site. The winning bidder was QJ-OS (Qingjian and Qingjian and Octava), with Santarli Realty contributing $422 million (about $659 per square foot per year). Tenet EC has a plot ratio of 2.5 on average and occupies a space measuring 256,172 square feet (sq ft).

The neighborhood of North Tampines Town is secure and well-maintained. With their families and loved ones, residents can learn and grow in their homes. At Tampines North Hub, locals can access a variety of services and amenities. In the upcoming months, Tampines North Hub will undergo a hub-like transformation. Tampines North Hub is a vibrant and active city with 100% green arcades, malls, and other services.